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    Superuser Training

    Having a user who is skilled in all areas of Parago ensures your very own in-house Parago expert to help maximise your Parago subscription and leverage all of the functionality designed within it. Parago is always being developed and maintained in line with the education sector’s needs and so keeping your knowledge up to date is key for your school’s continued development.

    Your Superuser Package includes…

    • Unlimited time for online training with a member of the Parago Support team or Consultants (usually you pay per hour)
    • Test all modules for functionality and configuration within the Parago suite (except iHASCO)
    • Access to the system Roadmap and membership to the Parago Roadmap Group to help define, discuss and suggest future developments
    • Access to the new Parago Forum, providing networking opportunities with other Parago users across the country building invaluable relationships
    • Access to the strategic advisory service to assist with deployment and mobilisation
    • Opportunities to visit the Parago offices and attend masterclass sessions

    Blacko Primary School

    "The Auditor was fantastic and really feel we are now ready to hit the ground running."

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