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Four out of ten state schools are renting out rooms and assets to raise much needed extra funds. Our School Room and Asset Booking module helps them do this efficiently and professionally. The school room booking software prevents double-booking. As there is nothing worse than someone who has booked a room, arriving to find it’s already occupied, or, having planned an entire lesson around a laptop trolley, to find it is unavailable.

Hundreds of our customers have experienced this, and as a result of their feedback we have developed a simple and intuitive Room and Asset Booking module.

Key Features of Classroom & Asset Booking System

  • Portal login for staff
  • Shared calendar
  • Customised booking forms for different asset groups
  • Categorised assets and rooms
  • Reserve multiple assets simultaneously
  • Vehicle and driver booking for continuity
  • Administrative approval specific to each asset group
  • Personnel booking such as teacher support staff
  • Mandatory booking fields for full control
  • Recurring bookings with control of booking pattern
  • Portal user account so pending and accepted bookings can be edited
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Burntwood School

"Parago’s auditor has been excellent throughout Phase 1 of this process. He is clearly experienced and very appropriate in his dealings with people here."

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