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One of the most important jobs for any School, Academy or Trust is keeping on top of its policies and procedures. Our school e-sign Document Manager software is designed enable you to manage, review and centrally distribute all policies and documents to the correct individuals or groups.

No more being engrossed in endless paper trails – save money and remain compliant with our central, paperless solution. Simply being able to create reports and filter on who has and hasn’t read and signed each policy at the click of a button puts you back in control.

What’s more, adding reminders on polices that need regular reviewing from staff allows you to stay on top of future documentation.

Key Features of e-sign Document Manager

  • User friendly and intuitive system
  • Digital signage on the go with a phone or desktop
  • Monitor who has and hasn't signed a policy
  • Tracking review dates with email alerts
  • Visual prompts for expiring documents
  • Send out reminders en masse to those who haven't signed
  • Policies are accessible anywhere securely in the cloud
  • Share unpublished polices with SLT for review
  • Eco-friendly paperless process, saving you money
  • Benefit from local schools' policy templates
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