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One to One Assignment Management

Whatever the size of your school, academy or trust, losing track of devices deprives your school of precious funding and puts you at risk of being uncompliant with school regulations.

Our One to One Assignment enables you to track who has been assigned particular assets and when they’re due back. Administrators can easily manage how long an individual can borrow an asset using date conditions you set.

What’s more, you’ll receive email alerts for items that are overdue, making it even easier to stay on top of your assets. And if requested, you can instantly extend a loaning period with one swift click.

Key Features of School One to One Assignment

  • View a historic audit trail, so you know where your assets have been in case there’s a problem
  • Provide assets to staff and students on a temporary or permanent basis
  • Track loaned assets across their life cycles from loan date to return
  • Effortlessly loan assets with just a few clicks on your mouse
  • You set the loan period of each asset and track when the assets need to be returned
  • See all your loaned assets in one place
  • Traffic light rating system to see at a glance what’s overdue, due today, or at a later date
  • Create and receive automated notifications for loaned assets when they’re assigned, extended, returned, or expired
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Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit (IU5)

“IU5 has assets across 80 locations in all sizes of buildings, so the ability to have virtual layouts of these places showing the assets within is a great feature. Even more so is being able...

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