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Asset, IT & Inventory Management Software

Our school IT & Inventory Management software solution enables you to effortlessly track, manage, loan, audit and locate your devices using PC and smartphone apps. Thanks to its simple icon-based interface, it’s incredibly easy to use – enabling you to virtually map out and allocate assets to students, staff and rooms for all sites and schools if you’re a MAT.

Effortlessly tracking your IT equipment means our Management Inventory system will ensure you always have a comprehensive and accurate audit trail. What’s more, you’ll know what’s being used frequently and what’s not, so you can make informed decisions regarding procurement forecasting – saving you time and money.

And with Laptop, PC, Apple, iPad and Chromebook automated discovery agents, you’re able to dramatically reduce the initial asset discovery process.

Key Features of School Asset, IT & Inventory Management Software

  • Have a record of details of all disposed assets
  • Restrict user permissions by categories to allow or deny staff to edit asset information
  • Link contracts to specific assets (e.g. boiler)
  • Monitor the use of IT equipment and software
  • Laptop, PC, Apple, iPad and Chromebook automated discovery agents
  • Short and long term procurement forecasts
  • Search and report with fully customisable reporting functions
  • Mobile app for simple day-to-day tracking, loaning, editing, location updates and auditing
  • Add images and documents to room, inventory, pupil and staff records
  • Store information safely in the cloud with Amazon Web Services
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Mobile Technology

Our smartphone applications transform outdated processes into tasks which can be accomplished in minutes. This is a fantastic way to track inventory and assign devices.

  • Inventory tracking: It is easy for you to identify and move inventory by scanning barcodes or through cut and paste.
  • Simply: Add, edit and update your data whilst on the move.
  • Inventory auditing: Laborious audits transform into 10-minute per room updates (on average) using the automated audit mode. Identify moved and missing inventory with ease.
  • Images/documents: Attach multiple photos and documents to inventory, rooms, staff and pupil records with ease.
  • Device deployment: Simplify the process of assigning one-to-one devices to students and teachers.
  • Links to Helpdesk app: Create, view, reply, assign, update and close tickets on the move.
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Test) recording: Save time by PAT test recording and auditing simultaneously. Log PAT test results.

Pield Heath School

"I cannot praise the auditor enough, he was a pleasure to work with and I am confident the school will benefit hugely from Parago. It is a simple to use programme that can be managed...

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