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Reporting and raising issues that occur in schools shouldn’t be a challenge! That’s why we’ve designed a Helpdesk solution to reduce miscommunication, ensure issues are dealt with swiftly and increase efficiency.

And because you can include how much time and money it takes to resolve tickets and issues, you can report, analyse and detect whether changes should be made in certain areas to prevent reoccurring problems.

Your staff and students can report issues with a simple email, which will automatically create and assign a ticket. Better still, those who’ve raised a problem have complete access to their ticket’s status – so no more chasing site teams!

Key Features of School Helpdesk Software

  • Automated ticket workflows with helpdesk service level agreement to reassign urgent or missed tickets
  • Have multiple people assigned to one ticket to ensure all relevant people are notified and involved in any issues
  • Link to portal for external and internal users
  • Record time and money spent on each ticket
  • Email2Ticket as alternative to portal
  • Custom alerts to target tickets to the relevant individuals and teams
  • Customisable ticket layout
  • Smartphone management of tickets
  • Relate tickets to inventory or building infrastructure
  • Mass edit, assign, update, merge, and reply to tickets
  • Screen and report updates on outstanding tickets
  • Central management for MATs and school districts
  • Customizable reporting system
  • Attach photos and documents to tickets where needed
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Mobile Technology

Our mobile helpdesk ticketing application ensures that administrative tasks can be easily and efficiently tackled on the move. This app will quickly become an indispensable element of how your school, academy or MAT is run!

  • Full functionality on the move: Create, view, reply, assign, update and close tickets on the move.
  • Links to IT & Inventory module: for quick reference to assets
  • Images/documents: Attach multiple photos and documents to tickets
  • Links to Premises and Compliance module: for raising tickets when carrying out compliance or maintenance checks
  • Simply: add, edit and update premises or inventory data whilst on the move.
  • Access to: Single School or MAT/District helpdesk tickets

Light Oaks Junior School

"A very smooth implementation by the auditor. He remained professional throughout the process and there was no disruption around the school when updating the assets. The training session he delivered was excellent and made us...

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