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Our Dashboard reporting software gives you a visual representation of the data extracted from your reporting system across Premises & Compliance, IT & Inventory, Contract Management and The Multi School Account Manager modules. Unlike other solutions, this enables you to manipulate the data  dashboards in our reporting system, so you can make informed decisions on critical areas of your school, district, academy or MAT.

Our module enables you to compare information through simple selective condition fields – saving you time and ensuring you stay on top of what goes on within your schools. You will always have a quick heads up and be in control for objective decision making.

What’s more, with our Multi School Account Manager, our Dashboard reporting software enables you to be more financially efficient, compliant and accountable as you have the overarching view you need within singular, regional hubs or across all your schools.

Key Features & Benefits of Dashboards & Reports

  • Segment and compare which individual schools have particular issues regarding premises, assets and contracts using visual dashboards in your MAT or District
  • Push dashboard templates to all accounts in your schools or academies in your organisation
  • Fully customisable dashboards using simple rules and conditions
  • Easily export your dashboard to Excel and CSV files
  • Private reporting area function
  • Manipulate data easily and export
  • Premises and Compliance, Asset and Contract Management, as well as within our Multi- School Account Manager module
  • Visually compare dashboards side-by-side in one, central location
  • Accountability: show your board of directors or governors particular areas of compliance and inventory
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Have total control of your reporting

With Parago, you don’t have to click into multiple areas of a system to get the key information you need. Our dashboards are in one central location as any customer-focused dashboard should be. In addition to this, thanks to our flexible reporting and dashboards builder, you’ll have the ability to choose the specific information you see.

We don’t decide the parameters; our customers do. This gives you a much better long-term view as you have the power over the information you see.

Thanks to customisable data fields, you’ll have the ability to choose which specific information to see from your dashboards, highlight any upcoming issues and to plan for the future for your schools or academy.


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