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Unclear termination notification clauses are often designed to confuse and ensnare. Avoid these traps by using our Contract Management software.

Our school contract management software for schools will alert you when contracts are up for renewal, prevent unexpected invoices and give you time to negotiate a new contract at terms that work for your school. Store and report on pre, current and archived contracts, set up email alerts to designated staff, and schedule reporting alerts to produce reports that give you all contracts due for auto-renewal within the next 30 days for example.

For MATs and school districts you can save thousands with our contract management system by centralising and renegotiating all your schools’ contracts. Trusts can still allow the autonomy for their schools to manage their own local contract relationships.

Key Features of Contract Management for Schools

  • Email alerts and reporting
  • Link contracts to specific assets (i.e boiler) and people
  • Central and local contract management for MATs and schools
  • Supplier contract details and ledger code
  • Record start and finish dates
  • Schedule service dates and prompts
  • Auto renewal dates
  • Termination notification date and notice period
  • Store documents in one, central location
  • Pre-contract and archived contracts for full historical reporting
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Dersingham Primary School

"Thank you! A very time consuming job completed fully - life saver!"

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