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Capital & Project Management

Our Capital & Project Management module gives you the ability to create different types of projects and record condition surveys. It enables forecasting, estimates and then debits and credits associated with them. Multiple quotes and invoices can be stored keeping everything in one central location. With our customisable dashboard and reporting engine, you can extract the key data you need for quick and in-depth analysis.

Add forecasted costs from your surveyors and estimated time period for works to be completed to enable you to apply for the relevant amount of funding which can then be applied to your project. Depending on your next stage, most MATs and academies will add their estimates, attaching all documentation from suppliers.

Key Features and benefits of Capital & Project Management

  • Compare forecasts to estimates and real costs
  • Analyse and report on credits and debits
  • Add estimate for comparison of quotes between suppliers
  • Auto calculation of remaining funding to ensure you don't go over budget
  • Cloud based document storage against projects, sub-projects and line items
  • Add documents on the move via our web app
  • Forecast expenditure by period
  • View and analyse expenditure through dashboards
  • Manage projects with multiple sub-projects
  • Individual line items with quote and invoice storage
  • Customised reporting and dashboards for key project data
  • See where funding is being used for multiple projects
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Lyng Primary School

"The auditors were incredible when it came to implementing our new asset management system. The features and detail explained within the demo/training really made us realise as a school how beneficial the software will be...

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