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The Cayman Islands Ministry of Education’s main focus is the management of IT within 17 schools across three islands. All IT is managed by the central support team that have technicians across the three islands. This makes Parago an ideal software management tool as the team can use the IT and Inventory mobile app to update the location or any data on all IT assets within the schools they support. The central management team in George Town use the District Account Manager module to view and report across the estate.

Following the success of Parago, the Ministry of youth, sports, agriculture and land are deploying the solution across these estates. Districts across the world have worked with us to develop what is now recognised as one of the best IT & Inventory management systems with Helpdesk for education. An easy to use, yet highly advanced, system makes it easy for technicians to have access to all their IT infrastructure information whilst on the move.

A common concern for school districts is the actual cost of lost inventory. Our School District umbrella Account Manager module provides you with a centralised dashboard that helps you oversee and manage IT & Inventory across multiple sites.

Cloud and smartphone technology enable you to move away from unreliable, multiple spreadsheets that cause unnecessary work for you and your auditors. It simply makes it easy for you to provide a centralised management service across all your schools.

Using mobile cloud technology to drive operational efficiencies and cost reductions provides you with a fantastic way to track IT inventory as well as simplify the assignment of one-to-one devices securely across multiple schools.


Parago Product Caribbean

Workflow Management Software

Manage internal workflows more efficiently with custom forms and centralised reporting.

Parago Product Caribbean

Multi School Account Manager

Our asset management software for schools and academies makes sharing resources, contracts and premises easy to manage.

Parago Product Caribbean

Asset, IT & Inventory Management Software

A full management suite to effortlessly track, manage and audit your assets, IT & inventory.

Parago Product Caribbean

Facilities Management, Premises & Compliance

Our school compliance software helps centralise your reports and records for H&S management.

Parago Product Caribbean

Capital & Project Management

Our capital & project management software allows users to track expenditure and manage budgets.

Parago Product Caribbean

Incident Management Software

Our incident management software for schools helps managers closely manage incident reports.

Parago Product Caribbean

Contract Management Software

Take control of contracts & contractors and reduce costs with our management software for schools.

Parago Product Caribbean

Help Desk Software

Track and manage IT and premises requests with our Helpdesk Ticketing software for schools.

Parago Product Caribbean

Classroom & Asset Booking Software

Maximise the use of your schools’ facilities with simple book and go classroom & asset booking software.

Parago Product Caribbean

Document Signing Software

Our document signing software provides a central solution to manage policy review and remain compliant.

Parago Product Caribbean

Dashboards & Reporting Software

Create custom dashboards and compelling reports to view and compare data at a glance.

Parago Product Caribbean

Risk Management & Forms

Create bespoke forms with our risk management software to meet compliance requirements and maintain high-quality records.


Cayman Islands Ministry of Education

"We’ve been keeping track of our IT inventory in Parago across 17 schools since 2009. Our technicians find the smartphone app easy to use, and working through cloud technology dramatically reduces their workload by enabling...
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