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The Marist Catholic Primary School (Service)

“Everything from hardware, software licenses and leased equipment to resource planning, insurance and preparing for audits requires us to keep an up to date inventory. I would hate to be without the system now – the fact you can go online and see everything, manage all assets and even lock the system down as much as you want to is a great advantage. From an aesthetic point of view it’s very clean and easy to navigate and a virtual image of your organisation held in the central system means you can identify which room you are in so the assets you track are automatically placed in the right location. In addition to reducing the administrative workload involved in keeping track of the school’s assets, the ongoing relationship with Parago as a supplier is a major benefit. The level of trust we feel with the company is absolutely fantastic.”

Parago Client Logo The Marist Catholic Primary School, Parago customer since 2007

Bath Spa University

“After extensive research Bath Spa University chose to implement the SAM system for compliance. We chose Parago, an asset management system that was originally developed for schools and colleges and whose technical specification meant it met all of our mandatory requirements…and our budget. This included discovering Macs and their installed software which many fell short on. I was immediately taken by the ease of use of the Parago system. You can create a virtual image of the campus layout and it meant I knew my way around the system within a couple of hours.” 6 months on following the implementation of Parago we have been able to realise a 50% return on investment through reduced licensing costs, better ensure legal compliance for software licensing, plan better for future projects and deal with ad hoc problems in a far more precise manner. This puts us much more in control of our ICT environment. Further cost reductions in software licensing are expected over the next 12 months. These benefits are also coupled with a very friendly and reliable support function from Parago. All in all Parago is proving to be a very successful product for us and we would find it difficult to work without it.”

Parago Client Logo Bath Spa University, Parago customer since 2010

Latest Testimonials

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    "The training was excellent, the trainer was able to explain how to use the product very well and we are now confident to use the system."
    Keys Co-Operative Academy Trust
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    "The introduction to the premises management module was very useful"
    Rockliffe Manor Primary School
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    "Thanks for your time in setting up the system for us. We were amazed that you were able to enter so much information in such a short period of time. At long last we can see all of our assets and their location at a glance. No more guess work! This system really is the best tool to have at our disposal and we are certain it will pay us dividends over and over again."
    St George's C of E Community Primary School
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    “I would recommend this product / service, it ticks boxes in terms of audits, contracts management, financial / insurance valuations and up-to-date inventory management”
    Cann Hall Primary School
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    "A very user friendly system that saves time and provides a robust recording system for all school assets with excellent reports produced very quickly and easily."
    Rivington & Blackrod High School

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