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Premises and Compliance Service

Work schedules and compliance checks can be imported from a spreadsheet, or input without the need of training by your premises staff. From asbestos and legionella checks to room decorating schedules, we will leave you with automated checks and reporting able to help you budget your limited funds effectively.

All premises-related assets, from fire doors to boilers, can be imported from a spreadsheet with related data, or added as part of our asset discovery service. With the input of compliance and work schedule dates to our smart fields, your staff will be trained to manage their future tasks on their smartphones.

Condition surveys can be imported, and funding allocated to specific projects and capital costs. This will enable you to forecast effectively through our fully customisable reporting module.

Pre Consultancy service

Our pre consultancy visits ensure you are set up correctly for all your preventative maintenance and compliancy checks such as asbestos, legionella, and water filters.

Our consultants will work with you to input the regularity of your checks into the systems smart data fields to ensure you never miss a check or task. Parago has smart data fields for every compliance and preventative maintenance check. These smart data fields will then be automatically prompting your staff to carry out these checks through email alert reminders, reports…but most conveniently on the premises app daily To-Do List.

We also provide H&S guidance data behind each check with links to the Health and safety Executive site.


Castlebar School

A very personable service – Parago takes the strain out of doing the annual audit check. Highly recommended!

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