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Onsite Training

Your team will learn the most efficient way to add inventory and premises assets onto the system. IT, estates and finance staff will learn how to get the most out of the system, including setting up tailored reports. We also advise on how to best maintain the system and ensure the asset data for your estate is always up to date.

Optional maintenance & operations consultancy

Our pre-consultancy visits ensure you are set up correctly for all your preventative maintenance and compliance checks, such as asbestos, legionella and water filters.

Our consultants will work with you to input the regularity of your checks into the system’s smart data fields, to ensure you never miss a check or task. Parago has smart data fields for every compliance and preventative maintenance check, and for reference, we have links to the Health and Safety Executive. These smart data fields will then automatically prompt your staff to carry out these checks through email alert reminders, reports and on the premises app daily To Do List.



The Onsite Training & Implementation Day Includes...

  • Creating your organizations virtual environment & setting up users and permissions
  • Setting up of categories and depreciation
  • Guidance with downloading the Mobile apps. An Apple account is required
  • Guidance in setting up of licence titles which are paid for or that you wish to meter usage of
  • Guidance in setting up reports and training in setting up of the disposal system
  • 1:1 training (Finance / ICT / Premises teams)
  • Guidance with implementing a procedure for inputting new assets into Parago
  • Free online refresher one to one training is included after the Training Day
  • Guidance with deploying the Parago Agent & placing Agent discovered assets in the 2 rooms assets will be discovered in. We recommend the agent is deployed prior to the auditors visit
  • Asset discovery for 2 rooms within your organization
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Pickens County School District

“After comparing many types of corporate systems and similar asset management products, we felt Parago was by far the best value for our money.”

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