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Onsite Asset Discovery

Our experienced auditors and trainers ensure you have a fully populated system, leaving you trained and ready to benefit from the Parago solution. We are the only company that can demonstrate a proven tailored service to meet your budget. This can include working with your staff or pupils to reduce the number of days we will be onsite. We can also demonstrate the success of our project managed service that reduces your cost even further.

Our complete onsite service includes...

  • Three photos of each room that contain assets for insurance purposes. These are attached to the room icon
  • The options to barcode high end electrical & ICT items. Recommended but not mandatory
  • Free online refresher one to one training is included after the Asset Discovery Service
  • Matching asset icon to barcode and placing in room
  • Individual photos of any valuable asset, and attached to the asset icon
  • Valuation of remaining assets in each room to the insurance calculator
  • The adding of assets to each room by icon – normally a minimum value is set
  • Adding of basic data behind each asset which has a minimum asset value of £250 plus desirables. We recommend Manufacturer/ model, cost or current replacement value, purchase or replacement dates. In addition end of warranty date for high end electrical & ICT items
  • A brief training session at the end of the audit, including advice on implementing policies to keep the system up to date. Subject to time permitting
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We leave the organization with a fully functioning asset management system, which must be updated when new assets are received. We must have a member of staff available during the visit. The auditor will have an iPhone and laptop for the service. We can add around 500 assets in a day, dependent on the accessibility and the quantity of items requiring barcodes. Furniture such as chairs and tables are added using icons. A wireless connection within the areas we are working is required.

We recommend deployment of the discovery agent across an organization’s network and individual PCs prior to the auditor’s arrival. The auditor can give guidance on the set up of your licence manager and implement the metering feature to the required software titles. The auditor will require a person with knowledge of the organization’s network.


St. Peter's Church of England Middle School

"Very impressed with Parago asset management software - easy to use and does what it says on the tin. This will save me hours of time."

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