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    Risk Management & Forms

    Our Risk & Forms Management module makes it easy for school managers to be proactive in the management of risk in order to increase focus on what needs to be done to calculate future innovative school decisions and meet compliance requirements.

    Staff can easily complete checks, tests, services and due diligence, which are stored in a central, cloud-based location. Outstanding actions can be raised and tracked from the start of the process to completion of all outstanding actions.

    And, with the use of Helpdesk Service Level Agreements (SLAs), you’re able to receive alerts on actions that are not being dealt with. Using the report tracker, you can simply track compliance by checking what stage your staff are in dealing with outstanding actions.


    • Links to assets an checks to see how well personnel are dealing with outstanding actions from multiple areas of the system
    • The custom forms enable you to collect the data you need to see rather than being predefined and inflexible
    • Dashboards enable you to see checks and assets with open actions at an eyeglance, speeding up management’s time
    • Helpdesk SLAs enables you to control the flow of tickets and can alert you when issues are not dealt with
    • Portal access for contractors to complete your forms rather then receiving reports that can’t be manipulated to your specification
    • Customiszble reporting enabling you to extract the data you need
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    Five Ways Primary School

    "The auditor was extremely helpful and professional. He ensured that his presence in school did not impact on lessons. Training was straightforward and easy to understand. It was a pleasure to welcome the auditor into...

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