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Simplifying School Asset Management

Our School Asset Management Software has been designed to make it easy as possible to account for the IT assets across your district or at individual schools.

Laptop, PC, Apple, iPad and Chromebook automated discovery agents dramatically reduce the initial asset discovery process. Our IT & Inventory mobile app makes day-to-day tracking, loaning, editing, updating locations, and auditing simple, meaning you’re able to relegate laborious asset audits to the past.

By keeping track of which staff and students are using which device, through mobile technology, you’ll always have an audit trail for your resources. This level of oversight also allows you to maximise value from your software investment since you’ll know which pieces of software are being used frequently, and which are not.

This functionality is also great for identifying any gaps in your IT inventory, allowing you to plan ahead when ordering more resources so that you don’t waste money buying things that your school or district doesn’t need! This, in turn, allows for the production of short and long-term procurement forecasts through our integrated customizable reporting system.

Having a comprehensive overview of your IT assets and inventory allows you to easily identify any asset which has been misappropriated and it’s also exceptionally useful when things go wrong. Specifically, having an accurate account of all IT assets and inventory makes the creation of a comprehensive insurance claim as easy as possible, should the worst happen.

If you know where your IT resources and inventory are at all times, maintaining business continuity is no problem at all.

Key Features of IT & Inventory Management

  • Insurance: Relate your premium to your asset estate value
  • Track Asset misappropriation
  • Procurement/resource planning: Track IT and general inventory
  • Produce short and long term procurement forecast reports
  • Accurate audit/asset tracking
  • Staff/Student Loan Pool: Simplify the process of assigning devices
  • Software Asset Management: Make informed decisions by seeing which software titles are really being used and maximise the value from your software investment.
  • Links to Accounting System: Time-saving links to leading accounting solutions.
  • Business Continuity Planning: Recovery information safely stored in the cloud.
  • PC/MAC/Chromebook/Tablet Discovery Agents: Deployed to discover full specification of individual devices and installed software.
  • Images/Documents: Add multiple photos and documents to rooms, inventory, pupils and staff.
  • Search and Report with our fully customizable reporting functions.
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Mobile Technology

We help schools harness the power of mobile cloud technology to drive operational efficiencies and cost reductions.

Our smartphone applications transform legacy processes, which took hours, into tasks which can be accomplished in minutes. This is a fantastic way to track IT inventory and assign one-to-one devices.

  • Device deployment: Simplify the process of assigning one-to-one devices to students and teachers.
  • Inventory tracking: It is easy for you to identify and move inventory by scanning barcodes or through cut and paste.
  • Simply: Add, edit and update your data whilst on the move.
  • Inventory auditing: Laborious audits transform into 10-minute per room updates (on average) using the automated audit mode. Identify moved and missing items with ease.
  • Images / documents: Attach multiple photos and documents to inventory, rooms, staff and pupil records with ease.
  • Links to Helpdesk app: Create, view, reply, assign, update and close tickets on the move.

Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit

"We are very impressed with the Parago solution and are delighted that Parago Software Inc. sales and support office will be based in Atlanta."

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