How to correctly manage risks in schools:

… just kidding!

We at Parago know that efficiently calculating and managing risks for school estates and inventory is a mammoth task! It’s vital for schools, academies and MATs to carefully measure all risks onsite and have appropriate actions in place to deal with any facing issues.

Be proactive. Not reactive…

Our online Risk Management & Forms module makes it easy for you to streamline your processes when conducting schools risk assessments. Be proactive by increasing focus on what actions to take when calculating future, innovative school decisions and meeting compliance requirements.

With our Risk Management & Forms module, the benefits of implementing good risk management processes will…

  • Ensure compliance with high-quality maintenance assessments; managers can track all changes and assign tasks to ensure safety
  • Ensure accountability to SLT and board of Governors with instant reporting tools
  • Enable teachers to to perform their own risk assessments on their classrooms or for school trips
  • Ensure all actions are completed with use of automated prompted reminders, thanks to our Helpdesk Module SLAs
  • Enable more calculated, innovative risk management with customisable, colour-coded matrix tables

With this module, you get a full oversight of all actions to assessments made in your school or trust.

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If you’d like to find out more about how implementing our Risk Management & Forms module could benefit your school, please feel free to contact us to discuss further or to book an online demonstration.

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