Continuing the success of our school and academy asset management software in the US, we are striking new deals with districts in Vermont, New York State and Pennsylvania.

Laura Lee Ehrgott, Somers Central School District explains why her school district chose Parago.

“We are a New York based school district that recently integrated Parago as our asset solution. Parago service is impeccable and response time for any questions is superior.  We love the graphical layout design and simplicity of use. Moving assets from one virtual room to another is a breeze.”

Laura went on to explain that their tech staff really liked the streamlined way they could assign devices for their one-to-one tablet initiative.

“The reporting features for procurement and audits are exactly what we were looking for. We looked at many different asset solutions and this is by far the best for schools, and cost is very reasonable.”

The biggest contributory factor to Parago’s solution being such a success with central support services as well as schools and districts in the US is Parago’s commitment to getting this right.

Vince Hulme from the Northwest Tri County in Pennsylvania commented:

“Although Parago have over 2000 schools in the UK and worldwide, before marketing the solution in the US they spent one year working with a district in SC to get it right.”

“IU5 support schools across 17 districts in Pennsylvania, and the solution works well for central support services, as well as schools and districts.

“This will be the fourth IT management system we have used in the last 6-7 years, but School Inventory Manager from Parago is the only one that handles a mixture of Inventory assigned to staff members and placed in specific locations. It manages the equipment across our multiple locations, which as we all know is very difficult with staff needing to check items in for repair, and knowing how long things have been returned for.”

“It gives you an audit trail of the asset’s history, including identifying the user when barcodes are scanned by smartphone apps in different locations or being assigned to people. It manages the software and hardware remotely alongside the physical inventory through automated discovery agents, which is important to us when keeping an eye on things centrally.”

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