“After comparing many types of corporate systems and similar asset management products, we felt Parago was by far the best value for our money.”

With over 25 schools within our district, we are responsible for thousands of pieces of IT equipment across a large geographical area, with technology spread out across many sites and members of staff. Maintaining this with an Excel spreadsheet had not only been extremely laborious, but also unreliable.

Additionally, our district has implemented a 1:1 technology program with secondary students and we needed a way to manage the assignment of Chromebooks to our students. We made the decision to look into IT inventory management systems so we could ensure we would not lose thousands of technology dollars every year.

We came across Parago as they are very well known particularly in the UK, but also worldwide for their asset management solutions within education. We were very drawn to its ease of use through an icon-based platform, and this has made considerable savings on training costs usually associated with deploying management systems.

The use of smartphone apps through cloud-based technology is a fantastic way to manage IT inventory, and simplifies the assignment of one-to-one devices across multiple schools. We felt Parago took security very seriously, especially the ability to be able to restrict individual user’s abilities to specific areas of the system. The umbrella ‘District Account Manager’ module enables us to move inventory and report across multiple schools and these features are invaluable when doing annual audits.

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