“Parago’s icon-orientated design was like no other we had looked at and gave it a really easy-to-use feel.”

The Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit (IU5) is a regional educational service agency that provides cost-effective programs and services for 17 public school districts and non-public schools in northwest Pennsylvania.

Before becoming a Parago customer in February 2017, IU5 had tried several asset management systems over the years, including Helpdesk solutions with elements of asset management. None had given them the functionality they wanted, so they began shopping around for a solution that would offer everything they were looking for.

“We came across Parago as it focused on education,” says Vince Humes, Director of Innovative Technology Solutions at Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit. “Its icon-orientated design was like no other we had looked at and gave it a really easy-to-use feel.”

With so many schools and associated assets under their supervision, IU5 needed an asset management system that would work efficiently at scale.

“IU5 has assets across 80 locations in all sizes of buildings, so the ability to have virtual layouts of these places showing the assets within is a great feature,” explains Vince. “Even more so is being able to assign devices to people within their locations, and any other data including attaching documents.

“We can find IT assets, such as PCs, laptops, iPads and Chromebooks, easily with a discovery agent and, as this gives us a full specification of the device and installed software, it saves a lot of time. The agent also checks for the latest software on devices, allowing us to see which ones haven’t been updated for periods of time – which could mean they are no longer there or not being used.

“This links nicely with the phone and tablet apps that enable us to add, move and edit assets, and it allows us to audit locations in a fraction of the time it used to take. We can quickly confirm missing assets or find assets we thought were missing. The system also keeps an audit trail of every time we log, move or update an asset’s details, so we have a full history from purchase to end of life. This was impossible for us before Parago.

“When moving assets in bulk from one location to another, we find the cut and paste feature invaluable. We have annual checks where teachers bring in their equipment for maintenance and the devices go through various processes and stages during those checks. Being able to move the assets in this way, as well as track the different stages the devices have been through, is a great feature and time saver.”

What’s more, it’s not just IT equipment that IU5 can monitor through our software solution. “Most education users will have valuable assets that they need to track that are non-IT. Assets are identified by icons which makes it easy; there are icons for everything from a bed to a buggy. This sort of flexibility would be ideal for schools with residential accommodation. We are very impressed with the Parago solution.”

No matter the size of your school or school district, our asset management software can help you achieve greater administrative control. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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