“When choosing an IT and Asset Management software supplier, Parago had the simple, yet comprehensive, elegance we had been missing in our district for over a decade.” – Pete Just, Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township.

For over a decade, the team trialled many different solutions for schools, until they discovered the inventory management software provided by Parago. Parago’s ‘elegant’ icon-based interface, extensive reporting function and value for money was ultimately the solution they had been seeking.

Life before Parago School Asset Tracking System

For over ten years, Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township have invested in numerous systems to help accurately manage and track technology, assets and IT throughout the district.

“We found that in our efforts, the many products we tried did not fulfil the expectations we had for them. They did not deliver on the promise of accuracy and did not hold a true understanding of how the products should be utilized in schools” explains Pete Just, Chief Operations and Technology Officer.

“Usability was lacking, the function was lacking and, therefore, when our team gave each of these systems their best efforts, it did not pay off.”

As a result, staff lost faith in each asset management solution and, subsequently, inventory and asset tracking compliance declined. Not only were the team looking to invest in an accurate and comprehensive school asset management system, but one that all staff can regulate for the long-term.

“We were really looking for something to solve these issues and close the gap of usability. We are pleased to have found a solution in Parago.

Pete and his team felt that Parago’s icon-based inventory management system design enabled the ease of navigation they were searching for. Its ease of use and extensive analytical modules gives them the ability to make informed decisions on technological procurement and support procedures. The asset management software for schools also helps The Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township work smarter as a district.

Parago’s asset management system support, implementation and training

“One of the things we were impressed with is Parago’s knowledge and understanding of what a District needs to successfully operate when it comes to asset, IT and inventory management. This shows through the product’s developments and consultative approach” says Pete.

We always try to work with a District in terms of their schedule and implementation requirements for an IT inventory management system. Despite the unpredictability of COVID-19, the training and implementation of the Parago solution is coming into place ahead of schedule in the district.

“Looking at the results, my team and I are very satisfied. Even during the disarray of COVID-19, we’ve had high compliance and have been able to capture our inventory’s data so extensively that we can go into next year having an excellent handle for any decisions we need to make for whatever is ahead of us.”

Our expert team at Parago are looking forward to working with the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township with their asset management system, as they shift from the end of their school year to the summer.

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