Parago: Complete solution for Trusts

Streamline your trust's operation management processes

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Parago: Complete solution for schools

Centralise your school's management processes and compliance

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Multi School Account Management

Work together smarter

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Assets, IT & Inventory

Eliminate unnecessary work and expenditure

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One to One Assignment

Streamline the complete asset loan process

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Premises & Compliance

Be systematic and compliant

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Dashboards & Reports

Aggregate your data for review

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Helpdesk Ticketing

Simplify issues, streamline tasks

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Risk Management & Forms

Ensure tight controls

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Incident Management

Swiftly deal with unexpected issues

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Workflow Manager

Digitise your workflow processes

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e-sign Document Manager

Stay on top of ever-changing legislation

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Contract & Contractor Management

Free yourself from rollover traps

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Capital & Project Management

Simplify managing your condition surveys and projects

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Room & Asset Booking

Maximise income generation in new ways

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Aylesham Primary School

"The Auditor was brilliant. He was waiting for me when I arrived, knew exactly what he was doing and provided excellent advice regarding the structure of the asset register. He got it all done in...
Parago Office Room Product

School, academy and MAT asset management software

Over a decade of collaborative feedback from IT technicians, premises managers, to finance directors in academies and MATs has resulted in a system that helps you share resources, stay compliant, manage contracts and prevent unnecessary expenditure.

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