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Software Development Partnerships – Working With MATs

Initially, we worked with Arnewood School Academy in Hampshire on our Asset, IT & Inventory module in 2008. Arnewood were referred to us by the SSAT as a forward-thinking academy who were ahead of the game with IT, and had already equipped teachers and pupils with hundreds of laptops. They steered us towards what has remained the most iconic and visual school management software solution developed for education to date.

Since its release in 2010, Parago remains the only solution that has developed every module with recognised schools, academies, MATs and districts. These include some of the most highly regarded  MATs who wanted to ensure their chosen solution for IT and Inventory, premises and compliance, contract, policy, Helpdesk Ticketing, Capital & Project planning, Incident and Risk Management, and booking software solution really worked for them. These include…

  • REAch2 Academy Trust
  • Millais School
  • Arenwood
  • Diocese of Coventry
  • Waverney County
  • CMAT
  • School District Pickens County
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In addition, we have worked with US School Districts such as Pickens County SC to ensure the Asset, IT & Inventory, Helpdesk and Multi School Account Manager modules meet school district management and field technicians requirements. There are also many schools that have worked with us on all of the Parago modules. Although there are too many to mention, including 105 schools on the asset and room booking system alone, we give special thanks to Millais School in Horsham who gave much of the premises and compliance initial input, and others such as British School of Singapore on Helpdesk. In 2018 we had an incredibly ambitious development plan, that has again derived 100% from customer feedback. Our external consultants continue meet regularly with our MATs to review their usage and gain feedback on ideas they have for new features that would make Parago, even more, cost-effective. Their feedback is that it is only when using a management software solution for some time that you start to see areas where the system could work even better for you. This makes choosing the right software provider who will actually respond to your changing needs a crucial part of the decision process when choosing your solution. Prospective MATs are always invited to speak with these customers to hear about how responsive we really are. We like to think that is why we were chosen as the only software provider to present at The Trust Network annual conference in conjunction with aspire Academies Trust in April 2018. Aimed at heads of estate and facilities within MATs, this is recognition of our investment and commitment to developing the only truly focused solution with these MATs.


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