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    How We Can Help With Compliance And Safety

    Our pre consultancy visits ensure you are set up correctly for all your preventative maintenance and compliancy checks such as asbestos, legionella, and water filters.

    Our consultants will work with you to input the regularity of your checks into the systems smart data fields to ensure you never miss a check or task. Parago has smart data fields for every compliance and preventative maintenance check, and for reference we have links to the Health and Safety Executive. These smart data fields will then be automatically prompting your staff to carry out these checks through email alert reminders, reports…but most conveniently on the premises app daily ToDo List.

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    One of the most useful ways of finding out the best way to set up your Parago account is to speak with our schools, academies and MATs that have been using the system. We find that our users are happy to share their experiences with others, and some have even let us have access to their account to show prospective estate and H&S managers their best practice. These are just some of the many ways we can help you be safe and compliant.


    Kings Ash Academy

    "Superb service and set up. Customer care and attention to detail second to none. Great training."
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