Parago Software has been supporting education around the world since 2010. We started from a simple idea to develop a bespoke education sector IT inventory management system and worked alongside Arnewood School in Hampshire in order to make sure the Parago system meets the specific needs of schools, MAT’s and school districts.

We have followed the same ethos through to the current day, working closely with our customers and remaining focused on supporting the education industry worldwide. This has created a programme of continuous learning and software evolution that guarantees your needs are met both today and in the future.

This approach has resulted in a customer retention rate of 86.2% and financial organic growth at 27% year on year since 2010. Our software is now used by education customers in the UK, USA and Worldwide. In 2018 we opened our Atlanta office to provide sales and support to our U.S customers from California to New York.

We, at Parago, are different because we reward people for staying with us by including development upgrades at no extra cost. Our aim is to make your money work best for you at your school, MAT or district.

As a growing international organisation, we pride ourselves on being a diverse, multicultural office; 50% of our staff are women as part of our consultancy team, admin, senior leadership roles and support.


  • Our schools can demonstrate the cost and efficiency savings they make as a result of our solutions
  • We name our Schools & MATs that we work with
  • Our schools say how good we are with hundreds of case studies and testimonials
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85.6% of our business comes from referrals

The biggest challenge when implementing school management solutions is ensuring that you’ve chosen a supplier that will support you every step of the way. At Parago, we will help you implement the system and tailor how we do this around the resources and budget you have. To find out how hundreds of schools have benefitted from Parago Software, read our case studies.


Rossmore School

"A safe and efficient method of recording your assets that is accessible on line."
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