We’re constantly upgrading our solution to ensure Parago is a worthy product for any school, trust and district. As always, our upgrades are based off your feedback to ensure that you continue to get the most out of our solution.

Asset Management

We have now added a temperature field type which can be added via customer fields if required.


  • You now have the ability to check if ‘next date’ (smart date) is not set. This allows you to find compliance checks where there is missing information
  • For compliance checks, the Smart Period Filters now include months of the year. This means you can filter checks that happen in a particular month of the year.

Risk Management and Assessments

Managers are now able to create Assessment forms that can pass or fail a compliance check or asset assessment result depending on the values entered into the forms. An example could be a checklist assessment form requiring temperatures to be entered and if the temperature entered is above or below values it will automatically fail the check. Another example could be a checklist for using the minibus and if any item is marked as a fail the whole check is failed.

Helpdesk Ticketing

We have added a print button in the Helpdesk Actions to print multiple tickets.

Incident and Workflow

  • You are able to add a question type in the Form Builder which allows the form filler to send the contents of the form being completed to the original Reporter by simply selecting a tick box. Typical use would be authorising of requests such as leave or trips where the end step needs to be the original person making the request being informed of the final authorisation.
  • The Assignee and Notify User Lists selection dropdown now shows the Position/Role of a user to make it easier to see the user’s role.
  • Users can now add a question type in the Form Builder which is a free text box (allowing multiple entries with commas) to send the contents of current form to external email(s).
  • Users can now add a question type to the Form builder which allows a user to select other Parago, Portal and MSAM users to add to the Notify User List already defined in the Report setting.

e-Sign Document Manager

We have changed the interface to view policies in a table so it’s easier to see your documents.

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