We’re constantly upgrading our solution to ensure Parago is a worthy product for any school, trust and district. As always, our upgrades are based off your feedback to ensure that you continue to get the most out of our solution.

NEW Workflow Manager module…

Our new Workflow module will enable you to create custom forms, reports and easily manage all workflow processes. Managers will be able to link to helpdesk tickets (if desired), assign tasks and track progress to Parago users, portal users or MSAM users. 

Helpdesk Ticketing Developments

  • When adding actions to an SLA within Helpdesk, ‘Alert User’ now has the option to alert the assignee without explicitly entering their email address.
  • You can now create multiple actions within one SLA.
  • ‘Export History’ Button on Helpdesk Tickets now will enter a default range of the last 12 months of ticket history
  • Proview now shows both Assignee and Collaborators as a column header
  • There is now an SLA action that will delete closed tickets older than a certain age to promote good housekeeping

Compliance & Checks Developments

  • You can now create Helpdesk Tickets directly from the ‘Actions Button’ on Compliance Checks and Capital & Project line item
  • To facilitate Compliance Reports from check, the core fields required are now auto-populated for the user when exporting the history of compliance checks. You can now just click ‘Actions’, ‘Compliance’ and ‘Export’.
  • When clicking on ‘Update’ within the Parago web app on a check, if the user selects ‘Fail’ and has Helpdesk Create permissions, the user can set the test result as well as invoking a new remedial task ticket through Helpdesk with one click

Incident Manager Upgrades

You can now create Incident Categories that are hidden from portal users. This allows the administrator the ability to deploy forms to Parago users which are not then visible to portal users.

Risk Management & Forms Module Developments

  • Risk Assessment fields have been added to Person Asset Types (All). This allows Risk Assessments to be carried out on people and the assessment date to be recorded against the person and using smart fields to invoke a ‘next date due’.
  • ‘Competency Start Date’ and ‘Competency Expiry Dates’ are now available in the field list reports.
  • You can now ‘Prevent RA’ steps from updating a test date. This means the original test date is retained.

e-Sign Document Manager new features

  • Staff will now be automatically reminded to sign an outstanding policy – no more chasing staff
  • MSM e-Sign Administrators are now able to review and amend group memberships for all schools
  • You can now change the displayed Policy Order in e-Sign between Alphabetical and by Review Date.
  • Trusts can now export a complete list of all e-Sign group memberships from the MSAM

Capital & Project Management

You can now see the Supplier field displayed in the main view.

Room & Asset Booking System Upgrades

  • Booking Manager Administrators can now set up groups of assets to auto approve bookings, removing the need for admins to manually approve all bookings.
  • Administrators can now add radio button fields into booking forms.

Asset Management feature enhancements

  • New Asset Type ‘Data’ has been added to the asset library. This asset type would allow schools to record the location of data within their school with retention periods. You can add custom fields to meet the needs of GDPR mapping data.
  • Other new Asset Types: ‘Ramp’ and ‘Hand Dryer’.

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