To ensure school safety in September, the Government has encouraged all schools to thoroughly review risk assessments and incidents policies. At Parago, we would like to help you prepare for schools to return in September and for the future.

Parago’s school Risk Assessment and Incident Management Solution enables school and trust SLTs to ensure student and staff safety. Parago enables schools to calculate, automate and assign tasks for all incidents and risks. You can easily update assessments to follow guidance regarding COVID-19.

Working smarter and safer isn’t difficult with the right tools

“A risk assessment is not about creating huge amounts of paperwork, but… about identifying sensible measures to control the risks in the workplace, and the role of others in supporting that.” – DfE

The Department for Education outlines ways to ensure Risk and Assessments are conducted properly and shared with relevant staff. Parago can help your school or trust stay compliant with these requirements…

  • Conducting Risk Assessment:
    Parago’s dedicated Risk Assessment & Forms module provides an automated solution to manage all risks. Thanks to matrix tables, forms and action assignments, you’ll never be in doubt. MATs can also create and push out standardised assessments for all their schools to follow.
  • Sharing your Risk Assessment:
    Thanks to our cloud-based solution, managers can share and assign actions following assessments. Managers can also send tracked e-sign documents through Parago to ensure all staff are aware of any updated policies. 
  • Reporting and Managing Incidents:
    Thanks to our Compliance Tracker, all managers and relevant staff can know the status of any Incident. Our customised forms will enable schools to create incident processes particularly for any COVID-19 related issue.

Find out more about how Parago can help you prepare for schools to return in September. Book in some time with a Parago Consultant, who can discuss your specific needs and how we can be of use.

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