How Parago can help you plan and prepare for an Ofsted inspection

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“PHONE…! Ofsted!!!” A member of the office staff hurries in. Looking like they’ve seen a ghost, they announce that Ofsted’s on the phone, their voice several octaves higher than usual. You and your colleagues become unwittingly rooted to the spot as an unnatural chill fills the air. An inevitable, deafening silence fills the room as you all look in each other’s eyes with the horrifying knowledge that this… is the beginning of the end…

Okay, that was a little dramatic, but Ofsted doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience if you have a high-quality solution to evidence your school’s compliance and policies. Take a look at Parago.

Be Ofsted-ready with Parago

Inspectors want to know that everything is being done to keep children and staff safe. With Parago, you’re always ready to report and evidence on safeguarding, finance and legislative documents.

Using Parago’s School Management Solution show your inspectors the following:

  • Proof of how all individual incidents are dealt with
  • Reports on all past and scheduled Health and Safety Checks
  • All risk analysis and decisions, including historic and currently assigned actions
  • Historic audit trails of all assets, including depreciation, location and/or who has them
  • A list of statutory policies and school safeguarding procedures that have been sent, signed and understood by staff

There’s no excuse for falling short on school safeguarding and compliance – fail this and you fail the inspection. However, with Parago, you can easily confirm your records are up to date, report on all data and use alerts to ensure it’s regularly checked.

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