An awful lot of detective work can go into school audits. But, you shouldn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to know where your school assets are. However, without a good quality school asset management solution in place, it’s nearly impossible to track, manage and audit your assets… meaning losses are bound to occur.

And, when budgets are tight, the last thing you want to do is be forced to buy more equipment for your school because some assets have disappeared without a trace…

Detective trying to locate school assets

Ditch the pipe, magnifying glass and bowler hat… Parago detects it all

Our Asset, IT & Inventory module automatically updates the location of your assets and devices as things move around the school, using PC and mobile app barcode scanning. It’s simply “Elementary, my dear Watson”.

Parago’s Asset, IT & Inventory module will ensure you always have a historic, comprehensive and accurate audit trail, and know where your school assets are Thanks to…

  • Mobile app for simple day-to-day tracking, loaning, editing, location updates and auditing
  • Laptop, PC, Apple, iPad and Chromebook automated discovery agents
  • Accessibility – it’s designed with all IT user abilities in mind

Routine audits allow you to recognise and rectify any mistakes being made. If assets are going missing on a regular basis, you can identify any patterns and work out why this is happening with Parago, ultimately, helping you save money.

You can find a full list of customer testimonials here.

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