Every school has a copious amount of documents to comply with. However, creating the documents is just the start. By using a Document Management for schools, you can easily update, review, track signed policies and store.

Using document manager for schools

Learn how you can review, track and manage all your school documents in one place…

We’ve developed an e-sign Document Manager module specifically for education. We’d love to show you the work we’ve done, implementing our solution into schools, academies and MATs to reap the benefits…

  • Chase your staff no more
    Create and instantly share your school documents to all relevant staff. Parago enables you to see who has read and signed and who may need a prompt.
  • Reducing costs
    By using Parago, you can reduce the resources, time and costs associated with paper systems. Thanks to online storage, your documents will stay safe and secure, and can be evidenced for proving compliance.
  • Streamline your processes
    Parago enables you to delight in significant cost savings of paper-based systems. Save time and money, whilst also reducing the amount of errors by using our e-sign document manager.
  • Environmental benefits
    In today’s world, where the environmental impact of producing and storing paper is an increasing focus, your schools can have a more environmentally friendly approach by saving on paper and printer cartridges.

If you’d like to learn more about Document Management for Schools, please contact us to have a free 30 minute overview of our solution and see our e-sign document manager for yourself.

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