You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

It couldn’t be more true for schools and academies. Especially when you literally aren’t sure of what you had, due to a lack of asset management records. If you’re not on top of things, you can’t possibly know everything that’s missing – especially following a fire or theft. Do you know what you could claim insurance on? Do you know what you now need to replace? This is why School Asset Management is so important.

Asset tracking methods have come a long way from barcode lasers and other unreliable physical means! Now we have the technology and software to ensure accurate, reliable and secure asset management. 

Be prepared

We all know how much damage fire can do, and, regardless of how physically secure your premises are, there are still things that can go missing. The minute you realise how much your estate value is worth, you’ll also realise how much you have at risk. That is, unless you operate through a quality Asset and Estate Management system.

While Asset and Estate Management solutions doesn’t place an impenetrable force field around your valuables, it does in fact provide clarity and control over what you own. Should the worse happen, you can refer to your system and instantly find out the cost or value of the items damaged, stolen or missing.

Solutions like Parago can be accessed via smartphones and tablets. This enables you to store images of your rooms and assets, which add that extra proof when making a claim. It’s also easier to get back to normal following an unprecedented incident.

Not just about assets

Of course, there’s more to asset management than just listing what you own. The best solutions offer an array of valuable functions.

“It’s not just about assets anymore,” says Tim Roots, director of Parago. “It’s about having a system that can also schedule premises work, manage business and employee contracts, and produce detailed reports.”

Indeed, facilities and premises management is crucial – your premises and staff are your biggest assets after all. Asset management solutions give you a real-time view of your estate and assets.

“Asset management is one of those things that people know they should do, but keep putting it off,” Tim says. “In the past, nobody particularly wanted to do it as it was time consuming and difficult.

“Schools, in particular, tend to buy sub-par asset management software that then never gets used. At Parago, we knew we needed to make an uncomplicated and powerful tool that all schools and businesses would need. We know how important School Asset Management is”

Huge savings

Asset management isn’t just needed to protect the assets you’ve bought. It also protects you from spending money on assets you already have, as Tim explains.

“Unnecessary procurement is a big issue. Many schools in reports say they’re buying things that they don’t necessarily need because they might already have them. If they’re buying things they already have then they’re wasting money.

“Our system gives you the ability to have a real-time view of your estate. But beyond that, it gives head offices and school districts a live view of ALL the offices and schools they manage. This helps them in two ways: it prevents them from overspending, and it also allows them to plan procurement. They can review everything in a much easier to use reporting system.”

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