We know that most school managers hate the A-word… Audit.

All schools are required to fill out the schools financial value standard (SFVS) and assurance forms. These documents contain details of the school’s asset audit, so it’s vital that the information is accurate – which in itself is a difficult task if you don’t have a quality system.

But auditing assets can be super quick and effortless with Parago’s School Management Solution. Our Asset, IT & Inventory module has been designed to automatically update the location of your IT equipment as things naturally move around the school. Update information from your PC or on the go with our app… making auditing a piece of cake!

Schools have benefited with conducting audits using Parago… and still do!

The annual audit isn’t something that should be feared. With Parago, it’s a small, quick task, as your auditors will have kept the inventory up to date throughout the year. Reap the benefits…

  • See what you’re missing and what you have too much of –
    You may be paying for leases or licences the school doesn’t really need. Parago‘s Software Solution will help you make these important decisions.

  • No more guesswork: Accuracy is guaranteed
    Our Asset Management Software enables you to regularly keep everything up to date.

  • Audits can be completed via the app!
    Audit a room in less than two minutes thanks to smartphone barcode scanning, automatically telling you what is where on Parago’s iconic and exportable database.

  • Prepare for upcoming maintenance tasks and lease terminations
    Know when leases are coming to an end and when PAT tests need to be performed.

  • Everything is recorded properly
    You’ll have a record of the audit trail of an asset’s history, from procurement to end of life.

We can do it for you…

Our highly experienced auditors can take care of inputting all your assets in the system for you. You can utilise our auditors and trainers for one or more days in the following ways:

  • IT & Inventory audit
  • System tidy up with updated photos
  • See your school’s Assets, IT & Inventory in the Parago system

You don’t need to be a customer to benefit from these services.

Get in touch if we can help with any of the above by calling us on 01189 508087 or by return email. We will be able to tailor the number of days needed to suit your budget.

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