The best way for all trusts to get best management solution across their schools is through a tender process

Make the tender procurement process easy on yourself

The thought of using a tender process to procure services may seem like a trip down a precariously long, winding road. However, this needn’t be the case if the process is handled the right way! Especially since REAch2 and University of Brighton Academies Trust are permitting us to share their tender requirements with trusts who are serious about implementing the best solution for their organisation. As most MATs requirement are very similar, this will enable you to simply tweak the tenders to your requirements. 

Love me tender… the process to success

  1. Write a list of requirements
    We know this can take a long time, so REAch2 have allowed us to share theirs with you to tweak for your needs. Simply email us for further details.

  2. Choose your potential suppliers
    Easiest way is through web searches, education forums, visiting education shows such as the biannual Schools and Academies show. Invite them in to give you more ideas for your final tender document.

  3. Send your tender requirements to suppliers
    Suppliers must detail how their system will meet your requirements. Ask for best pricing*, as for best practice no supplier will be able requote. Any supplier who drops their price to beat a competitor is unlikely to be fair on pricing in the future.

  4. Request an in-depth demonstration
    Invite your preferred supplier in to verify, through demonstration, any queries you have about the system and how it meets your requirements. All potential department head users should attend.

  5. Call three of the suppliers MATs for reference purposes
    One that has recently implemented.
    One that has used for three years. 
    One for five years.

We gave University of Brighton Academy Trust a list of 12 references and they chose to follow-up two. Your trust requirements will change over future years, and you need to know the supplier will react to your needs without costly upgrades.

We are passionate about ensuring schools and trusts have the right system in place for them, that suits their needs. Tenders guarantee that you get what you pay for with no unwanted surprises.

In the meantime, find out more about Parago. Visit on our testimonials page on our website: 

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