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Simplifying school processes

For many schools, asset management can be such a challenge that they sometimes fall short of the essential requirements. And it’s not from lack of trying!

Keeping detailed registers of all your assets without a quality solution is hard. Staff time is limited and many feel that schools aren’t equipped to catalogue every historic and current purchase and asset in the school.

That’s where Parago School Management Solution comes in.

Save time and improve efficiency of school processes with Parago…

Improve time and efficiency with asset management

Having worked in conjunction with schools for over the last 10 years, we’ve developed a process solution designed to save precious time for you and your staff.

  • No more manual entry 
    Automate PC discovery for Windows, MAC, IOS and Chromebook.
  • Use our templated reports
    We’ll give you useful data for procurement strategies, depreciation, health & safety compliance and more.
  • Always know who has what
    Assign assets to staff members in seconds with our app
  • Annual audits become super easy. No, really!
    Audit quickly using your phone, IOS and Android, by simply scanning the QR barcode stickers we provide for your assets
  • No need to remember premises checks – Parago does it for you
    Set up an automated to do list for your site team, with them using their app to simply tick off jobs and log any issues
  • Relax, issues can be dealt with quickly
    Prioritise your schools jobs with our helpdesk, allowing you to know that the correct people will be alerted to jobs automatically and that they will be able to prioritise their workload
  • Easy to understand data representation 
    Rather than sifting through reports, glance at our dashboards to see different areas of compliance instantly and then dig down into the information behind it
  • No more chasing staff
    Send out policies to staff for digital signing at the click of a button, while the system monitors who you are waiting to hear back from and allows you to send a follow up with one click

You can visit our case studies page to see how our schools, academies and groups of schools are using and benefiting from our system and to see how you could too.  

When choosing a solution that covers all areas of a school’s management and reporting for Groups continuity, such as IT & Inventory, Premises and compliance, Booking and Contracts, it’s of paramount importance to ensure that you can manage everything with one solution.

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Over a decade of collaborative feedback from IT technicians, premises managers, to finance directors in academies and MATs has resulted in a system that helps you share resources, stay compliant, manage contracts and prevent unnecessary expenditure.

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