It’s only the second week into the new year, but we already have big plans this year for upgrading Parago Software to make it even better! Take a look below at the main developments planned for the first half of 2019.

March upgrades…

NEW MODULE: Capital Funding Manager

Import condition surveys, and align budgets to projects, with reporting on capital spent against projects. The is already a feature within Parago, but will become a dedicated module.

Portal passwords and LDAP integration to the portal

This will give the portal increased security to ensure signed documents, Helpdesk Tickets, bookings and incident reports are not raised by unauthorised people.

April upgrades…

NEW MODULE: Incident reporting

The release of the SLA feature has prompted us to develop a dedicated Incident Reporting module based on specifications. This will enable staff to raise incidents via the portal from Helpdesk Tickets to various member of staff who are required to carry out tasks based on the incident, such as calling a student’s parents if required. Managers can track the status of these incidents and the workflow of task completion to ensure compliance.

NEW FEATURE: Health & Safety Compliance area

As part of the Premises Management module, over 150 H&S checks and descriptions will be added to enable you to know the required legal tasks of the school to be compliant. Simply populate the last time this check was checked, making implementation even easier than before. To add to this, MATs and Districts can push these checks to all their schools to ensure consistent reporting.

May and June upgrades…

Risk Management and Forms

The forms module allows admins to build forms such as risk assessments. When completed, these checks tend to have actions associated with them that dictate whether the school is compliant or not. These can be tracked through the management area to see where your school is rectifying these issues.

One to one assignment

You can already attach keys, assets and competencies to staff and students in the system. However, we’re developing a dedicated area to deal with 1-1 assignment. In addition, staff and students will be able to log into the portal to see what assets they have attached. This will enable you to assign assets much quicker than before.

Helpdesk workflow

Parago is getting smarter! The Helpdesk workflow will connect various modules in the system meaning you can take actions on other areas based on the Helpdesk Tickets raised. For example, if the minibus has failed its inspection in the forms module, you can remove all bookings for the minibus for a certain period without having to access the booking system itself.

Quick customisable menu

To simplify moving around Parago, we’re creating a quick sidebar menu. You can customise to suit your needs and will enable you to move around the system and access other options even quicker.

Parago’s dedication has been, and will always continue, to ensure Parago offers the best solution to help you run your schools the best.

Find out more…

If you’re like to find out more about these developments or would like retraining or refresher course for you and your staff, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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