Keeping track of all your schools’ premises tasks within a MAT is not without its difficulties. That’s why Southerly Point Co-operative Multi Academy Trust (19 academies) and Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust (15 academies) have become two of the latest MATs to use Parago’s ‘Multi School Account Manager‘ module – making the day-to-day running across their academies much easier.

The Multi School Account manager enables these MATs to lay out compliance rules across all their academies in one, central location, saving countless time, ensuring compliance and consistency across the board. Together, with our premises mobile app automating site teams’ Health & Safety and works schedule ‘To-Do List’ throughout all schools within your MAT, you can rest assured your academies are a safe haven every day with a touch of a button.

When choosing a solution that covers all areas of a school’s management and reporting for MAT continuity, such as IT & Inventory, Premises and compliance, Booking and Contracts, it’s of paramount importance to ensure that you can manage everything with one solution.

Unifying and streamlining contracts within a MAT can save thousands of pounds

Whether it’s with utility suppliers or local contractors, centralising contracts and agreements, you’re always in control with alerts you set to notify you, and your staff, of forthcoming expiry dates, avoiding rollover traps and unbudgeted costs.

Reap the benefits:

  • Unify and stadardise your Helpdesk ticketing for configuration across your MAT
  • save time ensuring staff workflow is streamlined at a glance with our Dashboard and Reports module
  • manage and oversee multiple sites in one central location

Developed in conjunction with MATs such as Aspire Academies Trust, our Multi School Account Manager makes everyone’s life easier, providing a solution to the issues raised by the ESFA and CIPFA. These include:

  • Automating works and checks on premises and H&S keeping you safe and compliant
  • Deterring fraud from asset misappropriation
  • Procurement strategies and resources sharing within federations
  • Ensuring compliance through scheduled works and safety checks
  • Unifying and streamlining contracts and policies
  • Utilising assets and premises through online booking

Whether you’re a 15+ academy MAT like Southerly Point Co-operative and Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust, or a singular school or academy, all educational institutions can delight in the benefits.

If you would like to know more about how Parago Asset Management solutions can help your MAT or federation, email or call 01189 508087.

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