Every school has a copious amount of policies which must be complied with. In order to ensure that everyone sticks to the rules and regulations which keep both staff and pupils safe, those policies need to be read, understood and an agreement made to comply with them by everyone they affect.

Creating the policies is just the start. You also need to know that the policies have been read and signed by those who need to comply with them, and you need to be able to access this confirmation whenever you are asked for it. That’s where the new Policy Document Manager software solution from Parago comes in.

Policy Document Manager

This is a new module which has been designed from scratch with Waveney Valley Academies Trust. We’ve created it in response to feedback from our customers who told us that they are having to create, distribute, track, and file hundreds of different policies, and needed a way in which they could store and record ways of proving that policies have been read and understood. Only then are schools able to protect themselves.

How it works in brief

Locating all policies in a single place, the module allows you to quickly and simply create, review, and then centrally distribute all policies through the internet to either an individual or a group. The software enables an online e-signature to confirm the policy has been read, and will then record who has or has not read the policy. Policy Document Manager will also record review dates, alerting you when policies need to be reviewed or re-issued.  To enable schools to work together, we have also created a community hub which means you can share the policies you have created.

Protecting your school

Paper trails are really important when showing compliance with a school’s policies and procedures, but a time-consuming nightmare. Nowadays it is not enough to be able to evidence having written a policy and made it publicly available or sent it out. The track and trace facilities that this software employs provides your school with the required evidence that policies are being read and understood by everyone.

If you are interested in learning more about the School Policy Document Manager and the impact it could have for your school, academy or MAT visit www.parago.co.uk or email us at sales@parago.co.uk


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