When considering asset management software, the initial proposition for many schools, academies and multi-academy trusts (MAT) is to acquire an inventory system which will allow them to log all the items and equipment they use and store.

While this is an important element of such asset management software, there is a whole host of other ways in which you can use asset management software to assist with the management of your school, academy, MAT or school district. Here are just four capabilities of asset management software you may not be aware of:

Premises management

In an increasingly regulated world, it can be incredibly difficult to ensure that your school, academy or MAT meets every one of the statutory, legal and health and safety (H&S) standards that are required of you. However, the consequences of failing can be severe, resulting in financial penalties and a detriment to your school reputation.

As such, premises management and H&S compliance are essential. Developed in partnership with accredited MATs such as CMAT and STEP Academy Trusts, our asset management software will help keep everyone safe, and your school compliant. This module allows you to keep on top of all of these complex tasks, logging scheduled maintenance dates, scheduled H&S checks and planned works into an easy to view system.

The latest premises app gives your staff a ‘To Do List’ and updates the system as they carry out the checks. The system is customisable to your own circumstances and acts as a full-service log, enabling you to provide proof of compliance at the touch of a button. Our premises and H&S management software also allows you to store documents, so all certificates and compliance documentation can be kept in one place.

Room and asset booking

As school funding cuts continue to bite, many schools, academies and MATs are resorting to letting room space in order to bring in some extra money. While renting space which would otherwise be empty can be a great way of bringing in additional funds, it also adds an administrative burden.

The room and asset booking module within our asset management software allows you to log bookings into an accessible calendar. This means you can eliminate the risk of double booking and can also see quickly which assets will be needed in the space you are letting, allowing you to provide a professional and convenient service. The ability to book assets, such as minibuses and ICT, highlights how we have worked with schools to ensure this module really works for you.

Helpdesk ticketing

So often in schools, premises and ICT issues are passed by word of mouth or handwritten in a book. This leads to problems when staff are absent and no one knows the status of the issue. Our helpdesk and asset management software allows you to create an online portal which is easily accessible to staff, allowing them to raise issues as soon as they are seen.

Maintenance and repairs on everything from broken computers to blocked sinks can be raised and logged quickly, prioritised accordingly and set up with automatic reminders, meaning that no problem is forgotten or overlooked. The person reporting the problem can also attach photos or documents to the system, as can the site manager within the Helpdesk app.

Mobile connectivity

All of these functions are built into one system – our asset management software – and thanks to our smartphone applications they’re available anywhere you need them. Our apps mean you can access these systems via phone, tablet or computer, on the move or at a desk. You can look up or amend notes as you walk around your school buildings, rather than having to wait to do all the work later in the day – saving you hours of time.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can utilise our asset management software to its full potential, streamlining processes and procedures throughout your school, academy, MAT or school district. If you think our school asset management software could benefit you, give us a call today to find out more.

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