A system that paves the way for the smooth running of every department in your school, multi academy trust (MAT) or school district may seem too good to be true, but asset management software can do just that.

Where disparate processes and procedures can complicate even the simplest tasks and hinder the flow of vital information from one department to another, a single intuitive and user-friendly interface can revolutionise the way you and your team manage every aspect of your school’s day to day operations.

From contract management to inventory, IT to premises, here we look at how our asset management software can improve the administration of every department in your school, MAT or school district.

Cost-cutting power for finance directors

For those in charge of the purse strings, asset management software can simplify the task of equipping your school without over-spending. With a central asset inventory in place, your finance department can build and maintain a list of everything your school, MAT or school district needs, and more importantly, what it all costs and where money can be saved. This is especially crucial for MATs and school districts, where significant savings can be made by pooling resources and sharing assets.

Saving valuable time otherwise spent gathering and keeping track of expenditures, asset management software for schools, MATs and school districts can ensure you don’t waste money on items you don’t need, and generate reports that predict projected spending for better informed budget decisions. What’s more, by monitoring the costs and durations of your school’s contracts, you can avoid costly automatic contract renewals in areas such as utilities and software, giving yourself time to shop around for the best deals, which may be consolidated deals for MATs and school districts.

Our software solutions integrate seamlessly with all of the major accounting packages, and can be used to create a definitive asset estate value for insurance purposes. You may even be able to generate extra funds through letting space or assets in your school or schools, made simple and professional with an easy to use booking system.

Streamlined processes for school networks

Your school’s ICT network is likely subject to a great deal of demand, not to mention the associated devices used on a daily basis. Our software provides network discovery tracking, identification and monitoring for everything in your school’s network, or across multiple sites for MATs and school districts, allowing you to see at a glance where everything is and who is responsible for it.

With limitless cloud storage behind it, you can relieve the pressure on overloaded and cumbersome servers, and access whatever data you need whenever you need it, even off-site through our smartphone apps.

Improved clarity for premises managers

Managing a school site, or multiple sites, and everything that goes with it is no mean feat. Our IOS and Android apps will provide to do lists and health and safety check alerts to ensure you stay compliant, and are up to date with scheduled works. You can make things straightforward with a room by room inventory audit and PA test update, allowing you to track your assets easily from room to room via barcode scanning.

Furthermore, our asset management software is a resource through which to manage scheduled works and compliance checks for your school, MAT or school district. As legislation around what constitutes a safe school environment becomes ever more complicated, your premises managers can rest assured that your asset management software will systematically alert you to every applicable standard you need to comply with, from asbestos to legionella testing, water filters to PAT testing. Keep records of regular contractors and service agreements, with a full service log of maintenance work and assessment results.

Easier administration for your office team

The day to day organisation that keeps a school, MAT or school district running can be greatly simplified with our asset management software. Our Helpdesk functionality comes as standard with all of our software solutions, and provides an efficient portal through which staff and students can log requests and raise issues. Your administration team can respond to tickets logged to the system as they arise, eliminating the risk of problems slipping through the net.

Capable of all this and more, our asset management software has the power to transform the way your school, MAT or school district is run, with benefits for every department. To find out more about how you and your staff could achieve these improvements in your school, contact us today.

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