Finding an asset management system that works for your school, academy or trust can be difficult. Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust’s (CMAT’s) story is one that will no doubt sound familiar to many – it understood the importance of asset management, but the software it had used in the past just wasn’t up to scratch.

It was Parago’s job to show CMAT what asset management should be: namely intuitive, valuable and accessible on the go. Our latest case study, featuring comments from Pete Evens, site manager of CMAT, demonstrates the difference asset management software can make when it works.

“I did wonder how Parago would compare, but from our initial training day it was obvious that with a little hard work we would reap the benefits from it,” Pete stated. “Parago is very intuitive and with the added bonus of mobile phone and tablet apps, it’s portable around site too – and that’s a must for us.”

Our case study covers the problems CMAT had with its previous asset management software, how Parago was introduced to the trust via in-depth training, and the difference our school asset management software has made.

Pete also highlights the additional ways that Parago aids the trust’s day-to-day operations. There’s an app which can be used by employees on the go, a helpful support team on hand to answer any questions and a technical team which listens to the trust’s suggestions, and implements them where possible.

Read the full case study. We also have plenty of other testimonials and case studies from schools across the world, too. If you have any questions about our asset management software, get in touch today.

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