Great news – we have just signed our one-hundredth multi-academy trust, STEP Academy Trust, who will be using our asset management solution. This means we are now serving multi-academy trusts across every region in the UK, from the north-east to the south-west of the country – offering the chance for schools to manage assets in a much more efficient and affordable way.

Based in Greater London, STEP Academy Trust comprises of seven academies who are all working together to provide high-quality learning experiences for their pupils, inspired by a collaborative commitment to improve children’s life chances.

Last year STEP was looking to introduce a system that would enable it to improve the management of its assets. Mark Pinnock, ‎Head of Premises and Estates at STEP reached out to us as the Trust’s priority was to obtain an accurate inventory of all of its assets across the seven academies. Mark also wanted to manage service and maintenance contracts in an automated and compliant, but simplified way. With the asset, facilities and contract management system that we offer, our technology allows all seven Academies to manage their facilities assets and inventory cost-effectively, and in a controllable way.

Using our technology, STEP schools will be able to see a virtual image of their whole academy with the ability to zoom into individual classrooms to see every asset and task. This new technology means that the Trust can move away from relying on multiple spreadsheets and instead use one solution as a way of controlling, reporting and managing their inventory, contracts and premises.
Another benefit that Mark stressed to us was how important it was to have Parago working alongside the staff involved in capturing the academies’ assets onto the system. In fact, he commented that the partnership involving our auditors and his staff has been extremely well received by everyone in the Trust.

Ultimately, we are delighted that we are able to help more than one-hundred multi-academy trusts gain control of their assets using our cloud-based asset management solutions. As a result, MATs, like STEP, are saving time and money on asset management and procurement, contracts management and premises maintenance.  In today’s day and age when every penny that school’s spend really does count, it is gratifying to know that we are helping to not only reduce costs but we are also putting academies back in control of their own destinies.

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