Everyone reading this will have older friends, siblings, or family members to whom they have had to teach and explain certain technologies. Whether it’s how to use their smartphone or how to tag photos on Facebook, it’s completely understandable that less computer-savvy generations might not pick things up as quickly.

Then there are today’s kids; technologically minded almost from birth. Children in primary schools, secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges have grown up with technology at their fingertips. To them, incredible developments in technology are just part of everyday life; almost unremarkable.

It’s only natural then, that technology plays a big role in education today within schools and academies. But what can we expect moving forward?

Every pupil to have a tablet device

Tablets like Apple’s iPad have been around for years now, but with newer models and advanced features coming out all the time, the benefits for schools and academies to introduce them to classrooms has never been greater.

A study by the education technology charity Tablets for Schools showed that 70 per cent of primary and secondary schools in the UK now use tablet computers. In fact, nine per cent of the 671 state and independent schools surveyed for the report provide an individual tablet device for every pupil.

This figure is set to increase dramatically. With 45 per cent of the schools which don’t currently use them reporting that they’ll soon introduce tablets to their classrooms, the total number of these devices in schools and academies is expected to rise to almost 900,000 by 2016 (up from 430,000 in 2014).

As it stands, tablet computers are most prominently used within academy schools, rather than state schools. But with government plans to change 1,000 schools (including every struggling state school) into an academy by 2020, the role of the tablet is only going to grow.

Dr Barbie Clarke, of the Family, Kids and Youth research group and formerly of the University of Cambridge’s education department, said of technology’s role in schools: “The type of device might change, but it’s not going to go away. It will almost seem ridiculous if some of them are not using technology.”

Of course, technology in schools isn’t limited to that used by the students. Head teachers have more responsibility in academies than in state schools, and one of the changes being made to schools is in asset management. Many academies are now investing in technology like Academy Asset Manager; software and apps allowing academies to log everything on an easy-to-use system, valuing every individual asset and even entire rooms. Both time and money is saved through this.

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