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Mobile apps for premises & compliance, IT & inventory and helpdesk ticketing
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Achieve compliance and continuity across your MAT
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Simplify resource sharing and procurement across multiple schools


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Take a look at the features of the Parago School Management Solution
Parago Product Asset, IT & Inventory

Asset, IT & Inventory

Automate the discovery, tracking and auditing of assets

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Parago Product Premises & Compliance Management

Premises & Compliance Management

Achieve compliance with automated works and safety checks

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Parago Product Capital & Project Management

Capital & Project Management

Simplify managing your condition surveys and projects

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Parago Product Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Simplify the tracking and management of your incidents

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Parago Product Contract & Contractor Management

Contract & Contractor Management

Achieve control and reduce costs with your contracts and contractors

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Parago Product Helpdesk Ticketing

Helpdesk Ticketing

Track and manage IT and premises issues to for a simplified workflow

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Parago Product School Room & Asset Booking

School Room & Asset Booking

Utilise your buildings and assets more effectively

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Parago Product e-sign Document Manager

e-sign Document Manager

The paperless management of policies and documents

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Parago Product Dashboards & Reports

Dashboards & Reports

Compare all your data at a glance

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Parago Product One to One Assignment Management

One to One Assignment Management

Streamline the complete asset loan process

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Parago Product Risk Management & Forms

Risk Management & Forms

More calculated, innovative risk management

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Parago Product IT & Inventory Management

MATs & School Districts

Manage and share resources, contracts and premises

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Parago Product IT & Inventory Management


Modular and Tailored School Management Services

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User friendly, intuitive and cost effective software

At Parago, we have been providing education sector customers across the world with an iconic and intuitive software solution since 2010. Over 2000 schools, academies, MATs and Districts worldwide use our software because the return on investment is conclusive and compelling.

About Parago


St. Peter's Church of England Middle School

"Very impressed with Parago asset management software - easy to use and does what it says on the tin. This will save me hours of time."

Cann Hall Primary School

“I would recommend this product / service, it ticks boxes in terms of audits, contracts management, financial / insurance valuations and up-to-date inventory management”

Kingham Hill School

“We chose Parago initially because we needed a comprehensive asset and premises management system and we were attracted by the reasonable price and how straightforward and easy to use the system is.  We now utilise the additional modules such as Helpdesk, Policy Document Manager and Room / Asset Booking just as much and it’s great that staff can access all these features within one system, and remotely wherever they are on site, as they’re cloud based. I rely heavily on Parago Software to help manage our 36 rented properties; it makes the arduous task of keeping track of risk assessments, tenancy agreements and documenting photo so much easier. The Contract Manager module has definitely helped us save money by utilising the alerts which have stopped us rolling over. Parago makes my life easier by simplifying and quickening tasks which used to take much longer, I have less paperwork lying around as it’s all saved on the system and I can produce reports in a few clicks and a matter of minutes. I can tell Parago are committed to continually developing the system to meet their school’s precise needs, as they always take on-board my feedback and make adaptions whenever they can. Also, their customer service is great- being able to get hold of someone and resolve any issues (usually) immediately is fantastic!”

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Working with MATs

Our management software is designed to help school districts, and multi academy trusts work together collaboratively and smarter. It helps you address ESFA and CIPFA best practices across your estates.

MATs & School Districts

International Presence

School districts in the US states of CA, NY, PA, IL, FL, NC, SC, VT and the Cayman Islands have worked with us to develop what is now recognised as one of the best asset management solutions for education. Highly acclaimed by District IT Directors and technicians, it simply makes you accountable and saves time and money - something everyone can use.

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