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Mobile apps for premises & compliance, IT & inventory and helpdesk ticketing
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Demonstrate efficiency savings with limited funding.
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Simplify resource sharing and procurement across multiple schools.


Parago Product Simplifying School Asset Management

Simplifying School Asset Management

Eliminate unnecessary work and expenditure

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Parago Product Premises & Compliance Estate Management

Premises & Compliance Estate Management

Keep on top of scheduled works and safety checks

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Parago Product Contract Management

Contract Management

Free yourself from rollover traps

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Parago Product Helpdesk Ticketing

Helpdesk Ticketing

Manage IT and premises issues and workflow

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Parago Product Room & Asset Booking

Room & Asset Booking

Utilise your buildings and assets more effectively

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Parago Product e-sign Document Manager

e-sign Document Manager

Stay on top of ever-changing legislation

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Parago Product Dashboards & Reports

Dashboards & Reports

Compare all your data at a glance

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Parago Product IT & Inventory Management

MATs & School Districts

Manage and share resources, contracts and premises

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User friendly, intuitive and cost effective software

At Parago we have been providing education sector customers across the world with user friendly, intuitive and cost effective software services for over a decade. Over 2000 schools, academies, MATs and Districts worldwide use our software because the return on investment and use case is very compelling.

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St. Peter's Church of England Middle School

"Very impressed with Parago asset management software - easy to use and does what it says on the tin. This will save me hours of time."

Basildon Academies

"Parago has proven itself invaluable from the moment we set the service up; I don't believe we could have kept such easy track of our devices without it!"

Cann Hall Primary School

“I would recommend this product / service, it ticks boxes in terms of audits, contracts management, financial / insurance valuations and up-to-date inventory management”

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Working with MATs

Designed to help school districts, and multi academy trusts work together collaboratively and smarter, our software makes it easy to manage and share a centralised pool of resources, contracts and premises. It helps you address ESFA and CIPFA best practice and make efficiency savings as well as maximise income generation in innovative ways.

MATs & School Districts

International Presence

School districts in the US states of CA, NY, PA, IL, WV, NC, SC, VT and the Cayman Islands have worked with us to develop what is now recognised as one of the best IT & Inventory management systems with Helpdesk for education. An easy to use, yet highly advanced, system makes it easy for technicians to have access to all their IT infrastructure information whilst on the move.

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