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Software products for schools and trusts

Our software for schools, MATs and Districts is designed to simplify workflow processes, provide greater visibility for management and integrates useful reporting capabilities. The range of products and services available from Parago Software are fully customisable and can be tailored to meet your requirements. From managing capital, assets and facilities; to planning, maintenance and risk assessments, or software modules can be used independently or as part of a wider, integrated system.
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Parago Product Workflow Management Software

Workflow Management Software

Simplify and manage workflow processes with our customisable workflow software for schools and academies; traverse workflow up and down the school or trust.

Parago Product Multi School Account Manager

Multi School Account Manager

Our school and academy asset management software makes it easy to manage and share a centralised pool of resources, contracts and premises.

Parago Product Asset, IT & Inventory Management Software

Asset, IT & Inventory Management Software

Our asset, IT & Inventory Management software enables you to effortlessly track, manage and audit school assets and equipment.

Parago Product Facilities Management, Premises & Compliance

Facilities Management, Premises & Compliance

Our premises and compliance software is a central hub where you can manage and control routine H&S check and schedule works across your buildings and sites.

Parago Product Capital & Project Management

Capital & Project Management

Track and manage capital expenditure, budgets and projects with our Capital & Project Management module.

Parago Product Incident Management Software

Incident Management Software

Simplify incident management with software that enables you to track, manage, report and alert relevant people of incidents from one central system.

Parago Product Contract Management Software

Contract Management Software

Our contract management system gives you the tools to centrally manage contractors and reduce cost and avoid auto-rollovers.

Parago Product Help Desk Software

Help Desk Software

Our help desk ticket system enables you to track and manage IT and premises issues for a simplified workflow with customisable SLAs.

Parago Product Classroom & Asset Booking Software

Classroom & Asset Booking Software

Booking software for classrooms and assets for simplified management that can help maximise return and bring order to your asset and vehicle bookings.

Parago Product Document Signing Software

Document Signing Software

A central solution to distribute, manage, review and renew policy documents needing signature from staff to ensure compliance.

Parago Product Dashboards & Reporting Software

Dashboards & Reporting Software

Compare your data at a glance with dashboard and reporting software, which is fully customisable to meet your requirements at school and trust-level.

Parago Product Risk Management & Forms

Risk Management & Forms

Our Risk Management and assessment software provides schools with a central hub to manage risk assessments and forms with customisable matrices.

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