School Inventory Manager includes IT & Inventory, Premises and Contract Manager modules – plus optional Policy Document Manager, Room and Asset Booking and Helpdesk Ticketing modules.

Over a decade of collaborative feedback from IT technicians, premises managers, to finance directors in schools and districts across the world has resulted in a system that helps you share resources, stay compliant, manage contracts and prevent unnecessary expenditure.

When it comes to IT and inventory management the system can track inventory across multiple locations, plan strategic procurement, and streamline your audit process. For premises staff it enables you to keep on top of scheduled works and customise how often you are prompted to carry out required checks across your school.


Eliminate unnecessary work and expenditure

As well as saving you time and money it will keep you compliant across the following areas: 

Insurance: Relate your premium to your asset estate value, and sleep better knowing you can quickly and accurately make an insurance claim should the worst happen.

Asset misappropriation: Ensure you stay on top of this and accountable.

Procurement/resource planning: If you can see what IT and general inventory you have, you won’t waste money buying things your school doesn’t need. Produce short and long term procurement forecasts through our integrated customisable reporting system.

Audit/asset tracking: Our mobile app makes it easy for you to move inventory from room to room and update its location. Laborious asset audits are firmly relegated to the past with our smartphone application technology.

Staff/Student Loan Pool: Simplify the process of assigning devices through smartphone technology and keep a full audit trail. (Also see asset booking module).

Software Asset Management: Make informed decisions by seeing which software titles are really being used and maximise the value from your software investment.

Links to Accounting System: Time-saving links to leading accounting solutions.

Business Continuity Plan: Supports your recovery plan by providing the needed information safely stored in the cloud.

PC/MAC/Chromebook/Tablet Discovery Agents: Deployed to discover full specification of individual devices and installed software.

Search and Report with our fully customisable reporting functions.

Images/Documents: Add multiple photos and documents to rooms, inventory, pupils and staff.

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Work smarter, faster and securely

We help schools harness the power of mobile cloud technology to drive operational efficiencies and cost reductions. Our smartphone applications transform legacy processes which took hours into tasks which can be accomplished in minutes. You’ll find them a fantastic way to track IT inventory, assign one-to-one devices, and schedule today’s, missed and future facilities tasks.

Device deployment: Simplify the process of assigning one-to-one devices to students and teachers.

Inventory tracking: It is easy for you to identify and move inventory by scanning barcodes or through cut and paste. Simply add, edit and update your data whilst on the move.

Inventory auditing: Laborious audits transform into 10 minute per room updates (on average) using the automated audit mode. Identify moved and missing inventory.

Facilities tasks and checks: scheduled for today and beyond.

Images/documents: Attach multiple photos and documents to inventory, rooms, staff and pupil records with ease.

PAT Test recording: Save time by PAT test recording and auditing simultaneously. Log PAT test results.

Helpdesk: Create, view, reply, assign, update and close tickets on the move.

Mobile tech screen in frame



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Be systematic and compliant

Schools have a duty to ensure that buildings under their control comply with statutory, regulatory and corporate standards - no easy task as legislation is becoming increasingly more complex. Thankfully you’ll find our premises management module makes this task much easier.

Developed in conjunction with Millais School, CMAT and STEP Academy Trusts, this module comes as standard with all our education solutions.

It enables you to keep on top of scheduled works and safety checks from your PC, or whilst on the move through our mobile app. You can customise how often you carry out required checks across your school. For instance, you can plan and schedule regular maintenance, receive alerts for checks and assessments against policies for security, fire safety, health and safety including monitoring as well as ensure risk assessments are prepared and acted upon. You can see a full service log to document and prove that checks are being done regularly.

Smart data fields enable you to customise the frequency of:

Scheduled maintenance to grounds, buildings, rooms, vehicles and equipment

Scheduled checks for asbestos, legionella, water filters etc

Planned works: schedule decorating, window, flooring, building and land works

COSHH, fire & risk assessment check dates

Room dimensions with electrical and plumbing details

Images/documents for storage

Mass edit/update feature for completed works

Scheduled PAT testing for compliance and health & safety

Manage contractors keep a record of contractors details, compliance and contracts

Email alerts and reporting

Integrates with Helpdesk to manage staff requests/tickets

New Premises Screenshot May 2017


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Free yourself from rollover traps

If you’ve ever suffered the frustration of missing a renewal window and been ‘rolled over’ into another contract period you are not alone. Automated renewal and unclear termination notification clauses are often designed to confuse and ensnare.

Avoid these traps by using the contract management module included in all our education solutions. Developed in conjunction with Milton Keynes Education Trust, it will alert you when contracts are up for renewal, prevent unexpected invoices and give you time to negotiate a new contract at terms that work for you and your school.

For MATs and school districts you can save thousands by centralising and renegotiating all your school contracts, yet still leave schools to manage their own local contract relationships.

Central and local contract management
for MATs and school districts

Supplier contract details and ledger code

Start and finish dates

Schedule service dates and prompts

Auto renewal dates

Termination notification date and notice period

Document storage

Email alerts and reporting


Contract screen in frame




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Simplify issues, streamline tasks

Whether you are a school, academy MAT or district there are communication and support issues that make serving students and faculty a challenge. Helpdesk is designed to reduce bottlenecks, simplify administrative tasks and increase efficiency. Better still, your staff and students don’t need to be system users to log tickets on our Helpdesk. 

Designed in conjunction with schools and districts including The Oldham Academy North, the Helpdesk module has been developed to work with any portal and comes as standard with all our education solutions.

Key features of Helpdesk: 

Link to portal for staff and students

Target tickets to individuals and teams with custom alerts

Customisable ticket layout by teams

Smartphone management of tickets

Relate tickets to inventory or building infrastructure

Mass edit, assign, update, merge and reply to tickets

Screen and report updates on outstanding tickets

Central management for MATs and districts

Customisable reporting system

Attach photos and documents to tickets

ticket list in frame


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Maximise income generation in new ways

Four out of ten state schools are renting out rooms and assets to raise much needed extra funds. Our Room and Asset Booking module helps them do this efficiently and professionally. It also prevents double-booking. As there is nothing worse than someone who has booked a room, arriving to find it's already occupied, or, having planned an entire lesson around a laptop trolley, to find it is unavailable.

Hundreds of our customers have experienced this, and as a result of their feedback we have developed a simple and intuitive Room and Asset Booking module.

No limits on numbers or types of bookable assets

Shared calendar

Customised booking forms for different asset groups

Portal login for staff

Categorised assets and rooms

Reserve multiple assets simultaneously

Vehicle and driver booking for continuity

Administrative approval specific to each asset group

Personnel booking such as teacher support staff


Room & Asset Booking Top

Room &  Asset Booking Bottom


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Stay on top of ever-changing legislation

One of the most important jobs for any School, Academy or Trust is keeping on top of its policies and procedures. Not only does a school need to be regularly reviewing and changing policies to keep in line with ever-changing legislation, but it must also document and evidence that these documents have been read, and agreed to, by the relevant people. 

Developed with Waveney Valley Academies Trust, the Policy Manager Module is designed to make light work of this task by allowing you to manage, review and centrally distribute all policies and documents to the correct individual or groups. Simply being able to see who has and hasn’t read each policy at the click of a button, puts you back in control of making your school compliant.

Upload all policies to one secure place

Track review dates with prompts and reminders

Send policies to staff for digital signing

See who has and hasn't signed each policy

Store all signed policies in one location

View policies shared by other schools


Policy Document Manager in PC Screen


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