Managing IT & Inventory, Premises, Booking and Contracts across multiple schools

Designed to help school districts, and multi academy trusts work together collaboratively and smarter, our software makes it easy to manage and share a centralised pool of resources, contracts and premises. It helps you address EFA and CIPFA best practice and make efficiency savings as well as maximise income generation in innovative ways. As well as helping you make limited funds stretch further, it enables you to:

• Deter fraud from asset misappropriation
• Enable effective resource sharing across your schools
• Provides a centralised service for all ICT and Premises
• Effect procurement strategies for MATs and Federations
• Unify and streamline your Contract Management
• Reduce finance staff workload and save on auditor costs
• Create extra income by letting your Rooms or Space

Our umbrella Account Manager module for MATs and school districts provides you with a centralised dashboard that helps you oversee and manage IT & Inventory, premises and contracts across multiple sites. Cloud and smartphone technology enable you to move away from unreliable, multiple spreadsheets that cause unnecessary work for you and your auditors. It simply enables you to provide a centralised management service across your schools.

Using mobile cloud technology to drive operational efficiencies and cost reductions provides a fantastic way to track IT inventory and, timely reminders prompt you to carry out required scheduled works and H&S checks.

The Parago Account Manager Module Features Include…

Manage and oversee multiple sites

Search for and share inventory across schools
with audit history

Deploy one-to-one devices to staff and students through smartphone app

Provide central support through integrated
Helpdesk module

Securely manage your user access and permissions

View system usage in each school

Automate works and checks on premises
and H&S across all sites

Use automated discovery agents across multiple sites to identify PCs, MACs, Chromebooks, tablets.

Customisable reporting system for procurement forecasts, end of year financials etc

Centralise contract management for cost savings

MAT/District central office account

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