School, Academy and MAT asset management software solutions – providing proven cost and time savings for the education sector

  • Demonstrate efficiency savings with limited funding.
  • Mobile apps make it easy to add, audit and edit devices on the move.
  • Simplify resource sharing and procurement across multiple schools.

An Asset Management Solution that includes IT & Inventory, Premises and Contract Manager modules – plus optional Policy Document Manager, Room and Asset Booking and Helpdesk Ticketing modules

At Parago we have been providing education sector customers across the world with user friendly, intuitive and cost effective software services for over a decade. Over 2000 schools, academies, MATs and Districts worldwide use our software because the return on investment and use case is very compelling. 

You'll discover our smartphone applications harness cloud and mobile technologies to help you do far more than just keep track of all your equipment. You'll be able to implement impressive efficiency savings across IT and inventory procurement. Quickly get your school into a position where it is fully compliant and 'insurance claim-ready' should the 'unthinkable' happen. And safeguard your school from irritating rollover contract traps that seem designed to ensnare busy school managers.

In a climate, ever more financially challenged by flat cash and rising costs, you'll discover our software addresses concerns from both EFA and CIPFA and helps schools, academies and MATs make limited funds go further. It gives you the right strategies and means to implement efficiency savings and manage your contracts and financial planning effectively.

Designed to help schools, academies and trusts work together collaboratively and smarter, the software makes it easy to manage a central pool of shared resources, contracts and premises. It also provides a robust system that helps prevent asset misappropriation and evidence accountability of public funds. 

Parago provides a comprehensive series of financial solutions for all school managers including IT, Premises and Finance. And you won't be surprised to learn that every module has been developed in conjunction to meet the needs of named customers in the education space.